Couple Married at Our Lady Queen of Angels Church

Danielle Winter

Rita & Mark (Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church)

Rita and Mark were married at Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church, and they decided to go with a pale pink palette.

The expansive architectural elements of the church made a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony, and they incorporated important rites from their religion into the wedding. During the wedding, the couple exchanged vows, rings, and shared communion. A Catholic church wedding is a beautiful and sacred way to celebrate the beginning of a marriage.

The happy couples’ reception was held at the Richard Nixon Library. The library is a one-of-a-kind venue that brings together timeless elegance, romantic garden spaces, and rich history. With water features, beautiful greenery, and numerous photo backdrops, your wedding videographer won’t have any trouble capturing the most beautiful moments! Your reception will be held in an incredible replica of the White House East Room. We would like to congratulate Rita and Mark, and wish them all the best!

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