Wedding at the Nixon Library Was Perfect: Here's How It Went

Danielle Winter

Kenzie & Andrew (Richard Nixon Library)

Kenzie and Andrew's wedding at the Richard Nixon Library was nothing short of perfect.

From the mauve color palette to the timeless elegance, tranquility and rich history, this was one of the top wedding venues in Southern California. Your wedding videographer will be able to take advantage of the nine meticulously landscaped lush acres to capture your intimate moments. Whether you decided to take advantage of the reflecting pool or Birthplace cottage, your wedding backdrops will be memorable! The breathtaking backdrop for your ceremony was the perfect setting for this beautiful couple.

The reception can be held in a replica of the White House East Room, which features three crystal chandeliers, Italian silk draperies, marble fireplaces, and a dance floor. It is the ultimate venue for a classy and chic wedding. The expansive outdoor spaces provide the perfect backdrop while your guests enjoy a cocktail hour. Congratulations to Kenzie and Andrew!

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